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I wish I could lie to you and tell you that I have it all together.

I always want SO desperately to be defined by a mission or an accomplishment or something identifiable where we can point to it and proclaim it the "thing I am good at!"

Here's the naked, honest truth.

That "thing" we point at to define ourselves? It's the every day.

I have learned this lesson well: the daily actions and discipline we foster shapes the whole picture for us. It's the "thing." It is either Him, or not Him.

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, I have leaned into the moments of tedium, of relentless beating on the threshing floor. The laundry folding, the sandwich making, the drying off the dogs, the keeping tabs on family.

I repeat to myself:

Gratitude for laundry.

Gratitude for a husband to make food for - and food to provide for him.

Gratitude for joyous pets and resources to care for them.

Gratitude for family and friends and the ability to check on one anoth…

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