11 Miles

Let's just say that there are two distinct people in the character of our marriage.

One believes they can run a marathon, bake a cake with fondant icing, try out for American Ninja Warrior, build a two-car garage, and remodel our back rooms into a media center. This person believes they can do these things without any planning or practice at all. They just get up one morning and, well, go run a 24 hour go-ruck race with their best friend who is a Marine and wears an American flag fanny pack.

Ya'll, I can't make this stuff up.

There is another person in our marriage.

This person has incredible ideas. And dreams. And also has 14 notebooks, detailed sketches, Google forums bookmarked, you tube videos, pinterest pages for each project, and maybe a blog. This person has printed blank to-do lists, carries an agenda, has several dry erase calendars throughout the house and post-its to match their own personal color of 2016 (it's tomato red, in case you're wondering). This person names chickens after R&B singers and might already have some pretty detailed notes on Thanksgiving.

Now that you have that framework to roll with...OBVI.

When I asked my sweet husband how he was feeling this week, he said "humbled."

And that made me sad, man!

He set out to run with a local group this weekend pretty early. We thought they were running 6 miles. So I called him about an hour in and asked "how was it?"

"Still going," he responded. "We are running 11 miles today."

I wanted to throat punch him through the phone.

So fast forward to today...and with some sore feet, and sore pride, he said "I thought the 11 miles would be cake."

He's used to getting up and running 11 miles like it's, well, nothing.

But our times change - our circumstances change. We age. We lose a talent. We gain a talent. We gain perspective. And one day we wake up with surprisingly sore feet and we have to make some choices.

And we have to find a little more balance - more risk, more boldness, more courage. Or more patience, more waiting, more quiet. More preparation.

Where does this balance come from? From our Heavenly Father.

Where do I learn about become less busy? From the One who commanded us to "be STILL and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10

Where do I learn about becoming more courageous and bold? From the One who said "be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because I the Lord am with you wherever you go." Deuteronomy 31:6-8.

Our differences are often times what allows us to become ONE - and we can certainly always know that in Christ, we have ONE heart. We can rejoice that we are His, and that by looking to his word, we can make the changes we need to bring balance and peace into our lives.


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